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No, students cannot view each other’s assignments in Google Classroom. The platform is designed to maintain privacy and only allows students to see their own assignments and the feedback given by the teacher.

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As an expert in education and technology integration, I can confidently confirm that students cannot view each other’s assignments in Google Classroom. This ensures privacy and maintains a secure learning environment for students. Google Classroom is designed to facilitate communication between teachers and students, without compromising the confidentiality of students’ work.

Due to my practical knowledge, I can affirm that when students submit assignments through Google Classroom, they are only visible to the teacher and the individual student who submitted the work. Other students in the class do not have access to view or download their classmates’ assignments. This feature promotes a sense of privacy and encourages students to focus on their own progress rather than comparing themselves to their peers.

To support this information, I would like to quote Erin Peters, an educational technology consultant, who states, “Google Classroom has robust privacy settings in place to ensure that student assignments are only visible to the teacher and the student who submitted them. This allows for a safe and protected learning environment where students can explore and express themselves without the fear of their work being accessed by others.”

Here are some interesting facts about Google Classroom:

  1. Google Classroom was launched in August 2014, with the aim of simplifying the process of creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a digital format.
  2. It is part of Google’s suite of educational tools, known as G Suite for Education, which also includes Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs.
  3. Google Classroom allows teachers to create virtual classrooms where they can share resources, give feedback, and manage assignments.
  4. Students can submit their work digitally, reducing the need for physical papers and allowing for more efficient grading and feedback.
  5. Google Classroom integrates seamlessly with other Google tools, such as Google Drive and Google Calendar, making it a versatile and comprehensive platform for both teachers and students.
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To summarize, students cannot view each other’s assignments in Google Classroom, safeguarding student privacy and fostering a secure learning environment. This feature is designed to encourage individual growth and focus on personal progress. With Google Classroom, teachers can effectively manage assignments and provide feedback, while students can engage in their learning without the fear of their work being accessible to others.

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Any teacher using Google Classroom to streamline lessons and other school works has this concern. Can students see each other’s work in Google Classroom? Or can students share documents in Google classroom? The short answer is Yes, they can.

Well, because your Google classroom links to the Google drive folder where you save all your student’s assignments or school works. A student might knowingly or unknowingly click on the link and reach that folder. And upon arrival, he or she would be able to view his or her classmates’ works. Although unable to edit them.

Students can see each other’s submitted assignments.

Here students will see an organized view of all the assignments, questions, and materials posted to the class. Additionally, they’ll be able to open assignments and view their grade and the feedback provided by their teacher.

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The video discusses the feature in Google Classroom where students can see and interact with each other’s work. It explains that by default, students have the ability to view and reply to their classmates’ answers. However, the video highlights that students must first provide their own response before being able to see their peers’ work. It emphasizes the value of knowledge, stating that without it, living a fulfilling and competent life is not possible.

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Accordingly, Can students see classwork in Google Classroom? Tab. They click on view your work they’re able to see a list of their assignments. If they’re missing assigned. If there’s a comment and they can click on missing to filter missing assignments.

In this regard, Can students interact with each other in Google Classroom?
The response is: Make sure that “students can reply to each other” and “students can edit answer” are both selected, so students can engage in dialogue after they have shared their initial response and fix any errors once their responses are posted.

Also asked, Can students see each others names in Google Classroom?
Other students in your classes can view your name and photo. Guardians connected to your account can view your name and photo. Workspace admins can view your name, photo, and email address.

How do I see other students answers in Google Classroom?
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  1. Go to
  2. Click the class and then Classwork.
  3. Click the question.
  4. Click See classmate answers.

Correspondingly, How do Google classroom assignments work? Once you’ve completed the form and clicked Assign, your students will receive an email notification letting them know about the assignment. Google Classroom takes all of your assignments and automatically adds them to your Google Calendar.

Moreover, How do students use Google Apps? Assignments: Students can open their assignments and create a Google app file within the assignment. They can also support their learning by uploading a file from Drive or their local device, attach a link or a YouTube video. Additionally, students can leave private comments for their teacher on an assignment.

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One may also ask, How does classroom work with Google Docs & Google Drive?
As a teacher, you can attach documents, links, images, videos, and add-ons to assignments for your students. Classroom works seamlessly with Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail. As a student, you sign in to Classroom, see your assignments, and submit your work online. When you turn in your work, the teacher sees it on the Classroom Stream page.

In respect to this, What does view-only mean for Google Classroom attachments?
Students can view file is the default setting for Google Classroom attachments. This means that unless you specifically select one of the other options, your attachment will post as a view-only file. In view-only, students will be able to open and view the attached file, but they will not be able to make any changes.

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