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Yes, OCC is a community college.

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Yes, OCC is indeed a community college. As an expert in the field of education and with my practical knowledge, I can provide a detailed answer on this topic.

Orange Coast College (OCC) is a community college located in Orange County, California. It is one of the finest community colleges in the state, offering a wide range of educational and vocational programs to students from diverse backgrounds. Established in 1947, OCC has a rich history and a strong reputation for academic excellence and student success.

Community colleges play a crucial role in the education system, providing affordable and accessible higher education opportunities to a large number of students. OCC is no exception and has been fulfilling this role for over seven decades. It offers associate degrees in various fields, including arts, sciences, business, technology, and health sciences. Additionally, OCC provides certificate programs, transfer options to four-year universities, and numerous non-credit courses for lifelong learning.

A famous quote by Nelson Mandela perfectly captures the importance of education, which community colleges like OCC provide: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote emphasizes the transformative power of education and the impact it can have on individuals and communities.

To further shed light on OCC’s significance, here are some interesting facts about the college:

  1. Campus: OCC boasts a beautiful and expansive campus spread across 164 acres in Costa Mesa. It features state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, laboratories, libraries, athletic fields, and performing arts venues.

  2. Accreditation: OCC is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), ensuring that the college meets rigorous standards of educational quality and student support.

  3. Student Body: Each year, OCC serves over 20,000 students, reflecting the college’s commitment to providing access to higher education. The student body is diverse, with individuals from various age groups, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

  4. Transfer Rates: OCC has a strong track record in helping students transfer to four-year universities. Many students who start their educational journey at OCC successfully transfer to prestigious institutions such as the University of California and California State University systems.

  5. Athletics: OCC has an excellent athletic program, offering opportunities for students to participate in 23 intercollegiate sports. The Pirates, as the college teams are known, have won numerous titles and championships over the years.

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To summarize, OCC is indeed a community college that plays a vital role in providing high-quality education to a diverse student body. Its rich history, excellent facilities, and commitment to student success make it a top choice for many individuals seeking affordable and accessible higher education opportunities.


Name Orange Coast College
Location Orange County, California
Established 1947
Programs Offered Associate degrees, certificate programs, transfer options
Accreditation Fully accredited by WASC
Campus Size 164 acres
Student Enrollment Over 20,000 annually
Athletic Program 23 intercollegiate sports
Notable Achievements Successful transfers to prestigious universities

In conclusion, OCC’s status as a community college is well-established, and it continues to be a cornerstone of higher education in Orange County. With its commitment to academic excellence, diverse student population, and strong support services, OCC serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. As an expert in the field, I highly recommend Orange Coast College to those seeking a quality education and a stepping stone towards achieving their educational and career goals.

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The video titled “Welcome to Orange Coast College! OCC International Students” showcases the experiences and opportunities available to international students at Orange Coast College (OCC). The students discuss the diverse atmosphere, wide range of programs and majors, as well as the support provided by OCC for transfers to universities. They also highlight the Honors Program and the Student Success Center, which offer smaller class sizes, more opportunities for discussion, and resources for academic and personal goals. Additionally, the video introduces three international students who share their involvement in student organizations and their experiences working at OCC. Overall, the video emphasizes the welcoming and supportive community at OCC, encouraging prospective international students to start their educational journey at the college.

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Orange Coast College (OCC) is a public community college in Costa Mesa in Orange County, California. It was founded in 1947, with its first classes opening in the fall of 1948.

Orange Coast College (OCC) is a public community college in Costa Mesa in Orange County, California. It was founded in 1947 and provides Associate of Art and Associate of Science degrees, certificates of achievement, and lower-division classes transferable to other colleges and universities. OCC is the top transfer school in Orange County, offering thousands of students opportunities to transfer to universities and private colleges within California and across the nation.

Orange Coast College (OCC) is a public community college in Costa Mesa in Orange County, California. It was founded in 1947, with its first classes opening in the fall of 1948. It provides Associate of Art and Associate of Science degrees, certificates of achievement, and lower-division classes transferable to other colleges and universities.

Orange Coast College is the top transfer school in Orange County offering thousands of students opportunities to transfer to universities and private colleges within California and across the nation. OCC is joining community colleges across the state to host Black Student Success Week.

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