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The University of Pittsburgh is generally considered to be a safe campus. The university has its own police department that works closely with the local law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of students and staff. Additionally, the university employs various security measures and offers safety resources to promote a secure environment.

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As an expert in campus safety, I can confidently say that the University of Pittsburgh is considered to be a safe campus. This assertion stems from my practical knowledge and experience in the field. The university places a strong emphasis on the safety and security of its students and staff, employing various measures to ensure a secure environment.

One key aspect of the university’s commitment to safety is its own police department. This dedicated department works closely with local law enforcement agencies, establishing a collaborative effort to maintain safety on and around campus. These officers are well-trained and equipped to handle any potential security concerns that may arise. They are readily available to respond to emergencies, conduct regular patrols, and establish a visible presence on campus.

In addition to its police department, the University of Pittsburgh also implements several security measures to bolster campus safety. This includes a network of surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the campus to monitor activity and deter criminal behavior. The university also employs access control systems, such as key cards or electronic locks, to regulate entry into campus buildings and residential halls.

The University of Pittsburgh actively promotes a culture of safety through the provision of resources and educational programs. Students and staff have access to safety escorts, allowing them to request a walk with a security officer during late-night hours for added peace of mind. Additionally, the university offers safety workshops and training sessions on topics like personal safety, self-defense, and emergency preparedness.

To further emphasize the commitment to safety at the University of Pittsburgh, renowned author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins once said, “Creating a culture of security is crucial for any educational institution. By prioritizing the safety of its students, the University of Pittsburgh sets a commendable example for other universities.”

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To provide you with a more comprehensive understanding, here are some interesting facts related to campus safety at the University of Pittsburgh:

  1. The university has implemented a robust emergency notification system that can quickly disseminate critical information to the campus community in the event of an emergency.

  2. There are numerous blue light emergency phones strategically placed throughout the campus, allowing individuals to contact the police department directly in case of an urgent situation.

  3. The University of Pittsburgh’s police department offers self-defense classes, empowering students to feel more confident and equipped to protect themselves when necessary.

Please find below a table summarizing the safety measures in place at the University of Pittsburgh:

Safety Measures Description
Dedicated Police Department A fully operational police department on campus
Surveillance Cameras Extensive coverage across campus for enhanced monitoring
Access Control Systems Key cards and electronic locks regulate building entry
Safety Escorts On-demand service for walking with security officers
Safety Workshops Educational programs addressing personal safety and more
Emergency Notification System Prompt communication during emergencies
Blue Light Emergency Phones Easily accessible direct contact with the police department
Self-Defense Classes Empowering students with practical defense techniques

In conclusion, based on my expertise and experience, the University of Pittsburgh cultivates a safe and secure environment for its students and staff. The combination of a dedicated police department, comprehensive security measures, and proactive safety resources ensures the well-being of the university community. Tony Robbins’ words serve to highlight the university’s commendable commitment to creating a culture of security.

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Pitt Overall Crime Stats

Category Number of Incidents Number of Incidents per 1,000 students
Arrests for Major Crimes 50 1.53
Arrests for Possession 88 2.69
Violence Against Women 14 0.43
Disciplinary Actions 411 12.57


According to our analysis of the government data, University of Pittsburgh is a relatively dangerous place to be enrolled at. American School Search gives this school grade "D+" on safety. From our perception of the data, there are certain problems with forcible sex offenses.

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