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The best kind of business for a student would be something flexible and manageable alongside their studies, such as freelancing, tutoring, or starting an online store. These options allow for flexible hours and can be run from home, making it easier for students to balance their academic responsibilities.

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As an expert in the field, I can confidently say that the best kind of business for a student is one that offers flexibility and manageability alongside their studies. This allows students to balance their academic responsibilities while also gaining valuable real-world experience. From my practical knowledge and experience, I can suggest three excellent options for students: freelancing, tutoring, and starting an online store.

Freelancing is a popular choice among students because it offers the flexibility to work on projects based on their skills and availability. Students can provide services such as graphic design, content writing, programming, or social media management. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer provide excellent opportunities for students to showcase their talents and garner clients.

Tutoring is another great option for students as it allows them to share their knowledge and expertise in subjects they excel in. They can offer tutoring services to fellow students, high school students, or even younger children. This not only helps them reinforce their own understanding of the subject matter but also provides a source of income. Tutoring can be conducted in person or through online platforms like or Wyzant.

Starting an online store can be a profitable venture for students with an entrepreneurial spirit. They can sell a variety of products such as handmade crafts, clothing, accessories, or digital products like e-books or artwork. With platforms like Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon, students can easily set up their online store and reach a wide customer base. This business can be managed in their free time and has the potential for growth.

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To support my points, let me quote the famous American entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, who once said, “Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is.” This quote emphasizes the importance of hard work and dedication, which are essential qualities for a successful student business.

Now, let’s delve into some interesting facts on this topic:

  1. According to a survey conducted by Junior Achievement and Ernst & Young, 41% of high school students and 34% of college students have plans to start their own business.
  2. The global freelancing market is projected to reach $455.2 billion by 2023, indicating the increasing popularity of freelancing as a career choice.
  3. Online tutoring platforms have experienced a significant surge in demand, with a 200% increase in tutoring sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. The e-commerce industry is booming, and by 2023, it is estimated to account for 22% of global retail sales.

In conclusion, based on my experience and observations, students can benefit greatly from flexible and manageable business endeavors such as freelancing, tutoring, or starting an online store. These options provide both financial opportunities and valuable skills development, allowing students to strike a balance between their studies and entrepreneurial pursuits. As Mark Cuban’s quote suggests, putting in the hard work and dedication can lead to a rewarding and successful student business venture.


Business Idea Description Advantages
Freelancing Offering services in various fields like graphic design, programming, writing, etc. Flexibility, opportunity to work on projects aligned with skills, and potential long-term clients
Tutoring Providing academic assistance to students in subjects of expertise Reinforcement of own knowledge, flexible working hours, and potential for personal growth
Online Store Selling products or digital goods online Unlimited customer reach, low overhead costs, and potential for scalability

Note: This table provides a concise overview of the advantages of each business idea and can be expanded upon further in the article.

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Answer to your inquiry in video form

The video “20 Best Business ideas for Teenagers | Student business ideas” lists 20 small business ideas that can be started with little capital, suitable for students in Ghana, Nigeria, or any part of Africa. The ideas range from selling fruit juice and popcorn to buying and reselling mobile phones, starting a bakery, repairing phones, and starting a YouTube channel or a blog, among others. The video highlights the financial and personal rewards of running a successful small business, making it achievable and beneficial for students in Africa.

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20 small business ideas for students

  1. Tutoring. Perhaps the most organic of all the entrepreneurial options on this list, tutoring is a natural place for a uni student to start their professional life.
  2. Childcare.
  3. Pet sitting.
  4. Cleaning.
  5. Personal shopping.
  6. Lawn mowing.
  7. Delivery driving.
  8. Dropshipping.

To help you get started, here is a list of college business ideas that go beyond babysitting and cleaning services: Becoming a social media influencer Pet business ventures Side gigs for students exclusively Flipping various items Flipping websites Affiliate marketing Advertising

We’ve compiled a list of 15 business ideas for students in college to help you get started. These suggestions range from tutoring and freelance writing to pet care and meal delivery services, and they are all inexpensive and simple to implement.

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Is it possible to run a business as a student?
Is it Possible to Start a Business While Being a Student? Yes. There are no legal, financial, or knowledge reasons that prevent a school, college, or university student from starting their own side hustles.
What is business as a student?
The reply will be: Business student usually refers to a person who obtained a university degree in Business Administration. Graduates obtain degree in Business Administration typically with a major in general management, finance, accounting, marketing or strategy.
What is the best business for a 12 year old?
There are a number of services that kids can provide through a small business right in their own neighborhood. Kids can start a service business offering lawn care, raking leaves, snow removal, and running simple errands. Kids can make fliers and find clients by visiting neighbors and asking for referrals.
What business ideas make the most money?
The response is: Most profitable small business ideas

  • Website and app development.
  • Financial consulting.
  • Online business consulting.
  • Information security.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Writer or author.
  • Graphic design.
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Which business is best for students?
Answer to this: Here are some of the best businesses: flip websites, re-sell sneakers or tickets, baby or pet sitting, deliver writing, design or development services, start a blog, sell your class notes, become a tutor, organize others’ trips, organize parties, and create a campus newsletter or podcast.
What are the best business ideas for students with minimal startup costs?
Answer: Hence, as students turning into website designer and developer is a great business ideas for students with minimal startup costs. You can start as a freelance web designer by creating interesting logo designs for doing complete website revamps.
How to start a business as a student?
The answer is: Ans: Starting a business as a student can be a great way to gain experience and make some extra money. Here are business startup ideas for students: Tutoring: Offer tutoring services to those in need of academic help. Event Planning: Put your organizational skills to work to plan events for businesses, schools, and other organizations.
What are the best business plan ideas for students?
Social media management is one of the best business plan ideas for students. Established companies do not have the time to manage their business on social media platforms and hence are on a lookout for outsourcing the job for them.

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