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The best race for a bard in the College of Whispers depends on the player’s preference and playstyle. However, races such as Half-Elf, Tiefling, or Changeling can be strong choices due to their natural affinity for charisma-based abilities, which complement the bard’s spellcasting and social skills.

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As an expert in the field, I have extensive practical knowledge on the topic of bards and their optimal race choices for the College of Whispers. When selecting a race for a bard in this particular subclass, it’s important to consider their affinity for charisma-based abilities, as well as their spellcasting and social skills.

While the best race ultimately depends on personal preference and playstyle, there are a few races that can be especially advantageous for College of Whispers bards. Here are some top contenders:

  1. Half-Elf: “Half-elves possess the best of both worlds, combining traits of both humans and elves. Their natural versatility and inherent charm make them excellent choices for bards of any subclass, including College of Whispers.”

  2. Tiefling: “Devilish in appearance, tieflings possess an innate magical ability and an otherworldly allure. Their dark and mysterious nature aligns well with the themes of the College of Whispers, making them a fitting choice.”

  3. Changeling: “With their shape-shifting abilities, changelings can effortlessly assume different identities and manipulate social situations. This race offers a unique advantage for College of Whispers bards, allowing them to seamlessly blend in and gather information.”

These races excel in charisma-based abilities, which is crucial for a bard. They offer various bonuses to abilities such as Charisma, Dexterity, and Intelligence, allowing the bard to be more versatile in combat, spellcasting, and social interactions.

In addition to race selection, it’s worth mentioning some interesting facts about the College of Whispers. This particular bard college focuses on espionage, secrets, and manipulating others through whispered truths and hidden knowledge. Some key features of the College of Whispers include:

  1. Psychic Blades: This feature allows the bard to expend their Bardic Inspiration to deal extra psychic damage with their weapon attacks.

  2. Mantle of Whispers: Bards gain the ability to magically assume the appearance and memories of a dead creature, enhancing their infiltration and deceptive capabilities.

  3. Shadow Lore: At higher levels, College of Whispers bards gain the ability to magically ensnare a creature with their words, incapacitating them and extracting valuable information.

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Remember, these are just a few key points and recommendations based on my expertise. Each race has unique traits and abilities, so it’s essential to consider how they synergize with the College of Whispers subclass and your desired playstyle.

By carefully selecting the right race for your College of Whispers bard, you can enhance your abilities and fully immerse yourself in the deceitful and enchanting world of intrigue and secrets. Choose wisely and let your bard’s charisma shine!

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The YouTube video “VeryBasicGuide – College Of Whispers (D&D Bard)” discusses the College of Whispers subclass for bards in Dungeons and Dragons. While bards are known for their versatility, this subclass offers features such as psychic blades and words of terror to expand the bard’s toolkit. The video emphasizes that this subclass is suited for masterminding and manipulation, rather than straightforward combat, and requires a level of confidence and immersion to truly enjoy its benefits. The video concludes that the bard class can be incredibly fun if played with dedication and roleplaying immersion.

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The Ideal Races for Whispers Bards A satyr can shrug off more spells than average thanks to their Magic Resistance, and as a non-humanoid, they get to ignore staples like Hold Person or Charm Person. Changeling is another superb choice. That vital +2 to Charisma comes with a +1 bonus to a stat of the player’s choice.


The ideal race or linage for a Whispers Bard is something a little devious which offers helpful bonuses to the class’ most important core stats. Satyr is a fine pick, offering +2 to Charisma, +1 to Dexterity and proficiency in Performance and Persuasion, as well as an instrument choice — all boons that any bard would be delighted to have.

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In respect to this, What is the best race for a bard in College of spirits?
The Best Races for a College of Spirits Bard
One of the go-to races for Bards is the Half-Elf, as they begin the game with +2 CHA and can add an additional +1 to two other stats.

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What is the best race for bards? The following races are optimal choices for a bard character:

  • Changeling. Changelings get +2 Cha and +1 to any stat, which you can put into Dex.
  • Elf (Drow) Elves get +2 Dex and selecting the Drow subrace snags us a +1 Cha bonus.
  • Elf (Eladrin)
  • Half-Elf.
  • Halfling (Lightfoot)
  • Human (Base or Variant)
  • Satyr.
  • Tabaxi.

Besides, What race are bards usually?
To become a bard, a human or half-elf had to begin with very high ability scores: Strength 15+, Wisdom 15+, Dexterity 15+ and Charisma 15+, Intelligence 12+ and Constitution 10+. These daunting requirements made bards one of the rarest character classes.

Is Intelligence or wisdom better for bards? The reply will be: Generally, Intelligence is considered the best stat for Bards and other Charisma-based casters to dump, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Strength: If someone wants their Bard to have a halfway decent Arcana skill, consider making Strength the dump stat instead.

In this regard, Is Whispers Bard a good class?
If so, read on. TheWhispers Bard is the one most focused on out-of-combat utility. It can buff their own damage, gain fantastic utility in social encounters, and even cast a pseudo-Dominate Monster effect. Unfortunately, the use of Bardic inspiration is somewhat constrained, and you lose a lot of combat potential when picking up this subclass.

Should a College of Whispers Bard fight in 5e?
While combat may not be your primary focus as a College of Whispers Bard, I have always found it a good idea to at least hold your own when fighting in 5e. After Dexterity, you should put a healthy amount of points into Constitution to ensure your hit points aren’t too low.

Hereof, What are the best race options for the Bard?
The response is: Among the Bard’s absolute best race options. Wood Half-Elf SCAG: Maybe appealing for weapon proficiencies (or tools if you want to trade some or all of the weapon proficiencies), but I don’t think there’s anything else here worth having. The bard doesn’t get a lot of benefit from these options.

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Are the eladrin a good match for the College of Whispers Bard?
Answer will be: Thankfully, that is exactly what the College of Whispers Bard is built for, so the two are a perfect match for one another. The Eladrin are a type of elf specializing in Dexterity and Charisma, which are perfect boosts for the College of Whispers Bard. They also come with Fey Step, a strong feature for any character.

Where can I find the College of Whispers Bard subclass? The response is: The College of Whispers Bard subclass is found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Click here to pick up your own copy of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything! When you join the College of Whispers at 3rd level, you gain the ability to make your weapon attacks magically toxic to a creature’s mind.

Also asked, Should a College of Whispers Bard fight in 5e? In reply to that: While combat may not be your primary focus as a College of Whispers Bard, I have always found it a good idea to at least hold your own when fighting in 5e. After Dexterity, you should put a healthy amount of points into Constitution to ensure your hit points aren’t too low.

What is a good Bard race?
Response will be: For a classic bard feel, the Half-Elf and the Tiefling are great choices. For a powerful martial bard, the High Elf’s ability to learn Booming Blade is perhaps the Bard’s best option for weapon attacks. For a powerful support build, the Fairy’s flight and innate spellcasting are hard to beat. For help selecting a race, see our Bard Races Breakdown.

In this manner, Are whispers bards good? As an answer to this: Still, the Whispers Bard’s features can be fun and useful in the right campaign, and bards in general do well when played right. You can expect to be good with spells, skills, and social situations, just like all bards, but your unique features can be disappointing. The College of Whispers Bard subclass is found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

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