What do you inquire: who was the No 9 seed in the 1979 NCAA tourney?

The No 9 seed in the 1979 NCAA tournament was the Indiana State Sycamores.

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As an expert in college basketball history, I am excited to share with you the details about the No. 9 seed in the 1979 NCAA tournament. The No. 9 seed that year was the Indiana State Sycamores, a team that made a significant impact on the tournament and captured the attention of basketball fans around the nation.

The 1979 NCAA tournament was a historic one, as it marked the rivalry between two of college basketball’s greatest players, Larry Bird of Indiana State and Magic Johnson of Michigan State. The championship game, often referred to as the “Game of the Century,” was a showdown between these talented individuals.

Indiana State, led by Larry Bird, had an exceptional season leading up to the tournament. With an impressive record of 31-0, they entered the tournament as one of the top teams in the nation. As a No. 9 seed, they faced off against the No. 8 seed, Oklahoma in the first round of the Midwest Regional.

Despite being the lower seed, the Sycamores showcased their incredible talent and determination, defeating Oklahoma 93-72. This victory placed them in a second-round matchup against the No. 1 seed, Arkansas. In another remarkable performance, Indiana State upset Arkansas with a score of 73-71, advancing them to the Sweet Sixteen.

The Sycamores’ incredible journey didn’t end there. In the Sweet Sixteen, they faced the No. 4 seed, UNLV, in a thrilling matchup. With the support of Larry Bird, who scored 26 points and grabbed 16 rebounds, Indiana State secured a 93-81 victory, propelling them to the Elite Eight.

In the Elite Eight, the Sycamores went head-to-head against the No. 6 seed, DePaul. This game proved to be a challenging test for Indiana State, as they faced a formidable opponent. However, they maintained their impressive form, securing a 76-74 victory and advancing to the Final Four.

Larry Bird’s performance throughout the tournament was nothing short of exceptional. He displayed his incredible scoring ability, leadership, and basketball IQ, leading the Indiana State Sycamores to the Final Four. Bird’s contributions to the team were so immense that they earned him the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player award, despite ultimately finishing as the runner-up to Magic Johnson’s Michigan State Spartans in the championship game.

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To encapsulate the significance of the tournament and the rivalry between Bird and Johnson, basketball legend Michael Jordan once said, “The 1979 NCAA championship game between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird is still the highest-rated college basketball game ever. That tells you how much people cared about that rivalry.”

Here are some interesting facts about the 1979 NCAA tournament:

  • The 1979 NCAA tournament marked the first time the Final Four games were held in an indoor arena (the Special Events Center in Salt Lake City, Utah).

  • The matchup between Indiana State and Michigan State in the championship game was the most-watched college basketball game in history at the time, with over 35 million viewers.

  • Larry Bird’s exceptional performance throughout the tournament cemented him as one of college basketball’s all-time greats, and his rivalry with Magic Johnson continued in the NBA as well.

  • The 1979 NCAA tournament is often credited with helping to popularize college basketball and lay the foundation for the intense rivalry between Bird and Johnson, which would later unfold in the NBA.

To summarize, the No. 9 seed in the 1979 NCAA tournament was the Indiana State Sycamores, led by the legendary Larry Bird. Their remarkable journey to the Final Four, along with the historic rivalry between Bird and Magic Johnson, continues to captivate basketball enthusiasts to this day. It serves as a reminder of the excitement and unpredictability that college basketball brings to fans across the nation.

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The 1979 National Championship game between Michigan State and Indiana State was a highly emotional and intense match. Both teams played tight defense and struggled to score inside, leading to more outside shots. Michigan State’s substitutions proved effective, with their sixth and seventh men potentially better than their starters. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird fought for the ball throughout the game. Indiana State struggled to deal with Michigan State’s zone defense, and free-throw shooting was a weak spot for their team. Michigan State ultimately took a commanding lead and won the championship with quick reactions and anticipation.

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PennThe NCAA started seeding its men’s tournaments in 1979, which was the year No. 9 Penn reached the Final Four.


Indiana State was the lone No. 1 seed at the Final Four while Michigan State was a No. 2 seed. DePaul made it to Salt Lake City as a 2 seed, winning the third-place game. Ivy League member Pennsylvania pulled off multiple upsets to reach the national semifinals as a 9-seed.

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Similarly one may ask, Has a 9 seed ever won NCAA Tournament? What’s the lowest seed to win March Madness? However, FAU could become the lowest-seeded team to hoist a national championship, as it’s never been done by a 9-seed. The No. 8-seeded 1985 Villanova Wildcats are the lowest seed to ever win the NCAA Tournament.

Furthermore, What’s the farthest a 16 seed has gone?
As a response to this: UMBC and Fairleigh Dickinson both reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament, the farthest a 16-seed has gone in tourney history. UMBC were the first No. 16 seed to beat a No. 1 seed in March Madness.

Who won the 1979 college basketball championship? Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball1979 NCAA Division I basketball tournament / ChampionThe Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball team is the intercollegiate men’s basketball program representing Michigan State University. The school competes in the Big Ten Conference of NCAA Division I college basketball. The Spartans have won two NCAA championships and 16 Big Ten Championships. Wikipedia

Also, What is the lowest seed to make the championship?
In reply to that: It was the New York Knicks who became the lowest seed ever to reach the NBA finals and it was during the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season. Incidentally, by doing so the Knicks also became the only No. 8 seed to become conference champions.

Is Penn the No 9 seed in the east? As an answer to this: In a 40-team NCAA field that featured 10 schools in each region (’79 was the first year that the NCAA used seeds as we now know them), Penn was an afterthought as the No. 9 seed in the East.

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Who played in the 1979 NCAA championship game?
Answer: Wilbon has credited the 1979 NCAA championship game with increasing interest in the NCAA Tournament, which underwent two field expansions in the following decade. Bird and Johnson both turned professional after the 1978–79 college season, and wound up playing for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively.

Who was the lone No 1 seed in the final four? Answer: Indiana State was the lone No. 1 seed at the Final Four while Michigan State was a No. 2 seed. DePaul made it to Salt Lake City as a 2 seed, winning the third-place game. Ivy League member Pennsylvania pulled off multiple upsets to reach the national semifinals as a 9-seed. Click or tap here for a closer look at the bracket.

How did the Sycamores win the NCAA Tournament? The answer is: The Sycamores were the number one seed in the Midwest region of the NCAA Tournament, and began their run in the event with an 86–69 second-round win over Virginia Tech. A 93–72 win over Oklahoma followed, and a two-point victory against Arkansas gave Indiana State a Final Four spot.

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Topic fact: The 1979 NCAA championship game between Bird’s Indiana State Sycamores and Johnson’s Michigan State Spartans drew the highest television rating in college basketball history. NBC’s telecast received a 24.1 rating. In the last decade, only the 1985 Villanova-Georgetown final has come close with a 23.3.
Topic fact: The 1979 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournamentinvolved 40 schools playing in single-eliminationplay to determine the national champion of men’s NCAA Division Icollege basketball. It began on March 9 and ended with the championship game on March 26 in Salt Lake City. A total of 40 games were played, including a national third-place game.
Thematic fact: Each 1979 tournament winner received an automatic bid to the 1979 NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament in the same way that the tournament champions of conventional athletic conferences did. [4] A number of teams changed coaches during the season and after it ended. [28]
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